This agreement is between ______________________, Producers and owners of all rights dealing with “The Safehouse”, a feature length High definition movie, and _________________, an Investor in the project.

For each one thousand dollars, or part thereof, that the "Investor" invests in this project she/he will receive one percent (one point), or the corresponding part of a percent, of “The Safehouse”.

All points that the "Investor"  buys are for this project only and will not carry over into any sequels or spinoffs.

All money invested by the "Investor" will be used for hard production costs, ie: video tape, location rentals, special effects, etc.. When the film is sold  the "Investor" will have the right to take all or part of the first monies received by the producers until the "Investor's" original investment is completely paid off.

After the "Investor" has been repaid on her original investment she/he will be treated as regular member of the production company, receiving her percentage on an equal and proportional basis with the rest of the cast and crew.

The "Investor" will be paid a deferred salary that corresponds to ____ percent of her total investment. This is to compensate the "Investor" for any loss of interest on the capital that she/he invested in the project.

If the "Investor" is the only investor on this project she will be given "Executive Producer" credits. If there are any other investors the credits will shared amongst them.

If this project fails to be completed or fails to be picked up for distribution the "Investor" assumes the same risks and losses as the producers.


Signed:________________________________________________ Date:__________


Signed:________________________________________________ Date:__________