This agreement concerns the production of a High Definition feature length movie entitled "The Safehouse”

It's agreed that ______________________ and ______________________________are going to work together to make this film. It is understood that the principal photography may take up to one year to complete and that the post production may take as much as another year to complete.

It is understood that __________________________________ has agreed to work on this production as an _______________________ and will be paid ______________________ dollars, to be deferred until after the production has been sold. It is further understood that the deferred salary will be paid after the costs of production and any investors have been paid off and before any points are paid out. Naturally all records and books will be available for perusal. It is understood that distribution companies often take years to pay out the agreed on sales price of a film and further, it is understood that after the costs of production have been paid _______________________________ will get a fair share of each installment paid by the distribution company, that share being calculated against all other participants in this production. Once all costs of production and all deferred salaries have been paid,________________ will receive _______________ percent of any additional money the distribution company still owes the production. It is understood that all payments will made on a schedule to be determined by the distribution company.

It is understood that this agreement is void if an investor is found and salaries are paid up front.

It is understood that all who agree to this will stay with the production until it is completed.

It is understood that all disagreements will be settled by arbitration using the following formula. The complaining party will pick a restaurant. The other party will select any person in the restaurant to arbitrate the matter. The randomly selected arbitrators decision is binding and final. The winning party buys lunch.

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