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Neal “Xingu” Rodil

Xingu21@gmail.com Tel: 818.219.0399


Height: 5'7 Weight: 160 Eyes: Brown Hair: Black


Hoodrat Warriors Chino dir: Edgar Polidrigo Polidro Entertainment

Ultimate Warrior Lee dir: Rich Styles Ted Fox Productions

Superhero! Blue/Silver Superhero dir; Craig Mazin Dimension Films

Repeat Offenders Slave Refugee Fighter dir: Lei Mowatt Moki Entertainment

The Vanquisher Security Guard dir: Dean Gold DGold Productions

Blood & Bone Capoeira Fighter dir. Ben Ramsey Remarkable Films

Helix Loaded The Hulky dir: Raven Stained Iris Productions

Transformed Capoeira Fighter/Ninja dir: Leo Fong Sky Dragon Productions

Boogie City Trip Breakdancer dir: Amy Campion Campion Films

Atonment Angel dir: Lee Young Forever Young Films

All in the Translation Jacob dir: Ron Kay Ron Kay Productions

2012 Kray dir: Helen Truong 2012 Productions

Aeon Flux Trainer* dir: Karyn Kusama Paramount Pictures

*(Martial Arts Trainer For Charlize Theron)


Absolutely True Jason dir: Jeff Lengyel Triage Productions

Body Of Evidences Capoeira Teacher dir: Val Bennett Dog House Rules Prod.

Americas Most Wanted Gangbanger dir: Richard Dallett STF Productions

Brazilian Culture Capoeira Fighter dir: Bob Gente National Geographic

Fashion House Medic dir: Debrah Lemattre Fox / My Network

Call My Name Capoeira Fighter dir: Sanaa Hamir Prince

A Monkey Kong Martial Arts Fighter A Band Apart

Hot Summer Break Dancer Flava Productions

Work Station Break Dancer L. T. Productions

Epic Break Dancer Epic Records


Romeo & Juliet Tybalt Vauts Productions

Great America Martial Arts Fighter J. B. Entertainment

Brazilian Carnival Capoeira Fighter Rio Productions

Arts Festival Martial Arts Fighter Brasil Productions

Tarvell Awards Capoeira Fighter Michael Curry Design

My Uyen Magic Show Capoeira Fighter Starcast Inc.

N.A.A.C.P. Awards Show Capoeira Fighter N.A.A.C.P. Productions

BulletProof Monk Promo Martial Arts Performer MGM

Food Fight Capoeira Fighter L.A.F.A.

Special Skills And Training

Martial Arts: Professor Of Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian Martial Art) Eskrima (Filipino Martial Art), Brazilian Jujitsu, Savate, and Muay Thai

Weapons: Knife, Sword, Stick (Long & Short), Newspaper, & Pen

Sports: Boxing, Football, Wrestling, Track & Field, Basketball, Gymnastics & Any Other Sports

Dances: Hip-Hop, House, Breakdancing, Rave, & Club

Stunts: High & Low Falls, Wire Work, Fight Choreography, Mini Tramp, Stage Fighting, Acrobatics, Air Ramp, Le Parkour (Free Style